Studio doors open 15 minutes before class starts

Doors close 30 minutes after classes end.

If you have questions, please contact us
or call (619) 434 8988 to leave a message

Beginners welcome! Be prepared to sweat and have a great time!

All students are encouraged to review our yoga etiquette

All classes are 90 minutes long and are suitable for beginners

Class Schedule


How to prepare for your first Bikram Yoga class:
Hydrate ~ Drink at least 8 glasses of water the day before you take class
Arrive 15 minutes before the class begins
If you come to the evening classes do not eat 2 hours before the class
If you come in to the morning classes eat something light at least an hour before class
Women ~ Wear spandex shorts and sleeveless top
Men ~ Wear spandex shorts or swimming trunks
Bring a bottle of water, a couple of towels and a positive attitude
Showers and lockers are available.

Introductory Special - First Class $20, second class free within 7 days
First 2 weeks (14 days) special for New Students - Unlimited classes: $75.00
You can only do the First 2 Weeks Special on the very first day you attend class. You can not "save" it for later. The first 2 weeks special is 14 days of Unlimited Yoga. It is not a guarantee of 14 classes. If you attended Bikram Yoga at the Bonita studio before - even if 2 years ago - you are not eligible for the two Week Special. You can only have your first 2 weeks once!

Drop in (Single Class) $20.00
10 Class Card (valid 45 days) $115.00
36 Class Card (valid 5 months) $400.00
50 Class card, (expires 1 year) $600.00
Monthly Unlimited $145.00
Monthly Unlimited (auto-pay) $125.00 (min 6 months - includes towel)
Monthly Unlimited (auto-pay) $109.00 (min 6 months - no towel)
3 Months Unlimited $375.00
Under 25, 65 years or older - single class $15.00
Under 25/Over 65 Monthly Unlimited $110.00
Private Class $100.00
All class cards and packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-extendable.
Saturday 4:30 pm class $12 drop in
Wednesday and Friday 6:30 am class $12 drop in
(Bring your own yoga mat and towels ~ yoga mat and towels NOT included)

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